Planning Guide

We provide feasible planning solutions that will assist you in making informed decisions that will assist in preparing and initiating the project to address the task at hand. During this process we focus on your objectives and what you want to achieve.

Client Requirement

In order for us to understand our clients’ requirements, consultation is needed to determine the exact needs and make sure the product options and functionalities are clear.

Solution and Design

During the design stage, we implement the consultation information into a draft design plan indicating all information regarding the controls that are on offer. Our approach has always been to keep our designs smart and simple as well as easy to maintain and adapt.

Product Supply

JLINX have a proven and tested technology supply chain and logistic process to make sure our equipment is the best value and the equipment is prepared and ready during the different stages of construction when they need to installed.


JLINX issue detailed installation plans to all parties involved in the project. Our installation teams monitor your site and communicate as the construction progress to make sure the product installation is correctly prepared for successful and functional product installation

Commissioning and Handover

After installation we will do a preliminary programming of your system to make sure you can easily use it while you focus on moving into your new home. When the dust is settled and you have time to give your feedback, we will make the final adjustments as needed.

Client Support

We pride ourselves in the support we offer. There are a few ways we can support you. It can be telephone support, remote system support or a physical site visit by our technician. JLINX offer service agreements or support on a call to call basis as per your preference.



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