The Power and Security Solutions Industry

It is well known that corporate security is a constant game of cat and mouse, where both attackers and defenders are perpetually evolving. Although we spent most of our time on the defensive side, our research activities involve thinking like an attacker to better defend the systems and properties of our clients. This is useful not only to understand and defeat current tactics, techniques and procedures used by the real-world malicious actors, but also to anticipate future threats.


Some of the areas we focus on include:


  • An analysis of the security landscape for building automation systems and networks
  • The discovery and responsible disclosure of previously unknown vulnerabilities in building automation devices
  • How silence defense can help protect building automation systems by promptly detecting threats


The ultimate goal innovation in the security and power is to ensure that the most water-tight security is almost guaranteed and that the most efficient, yet economic power solution is utilized for the operation of a building structure. At JLINX Electronics, we specialize in security solutions and quality power backup services.

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