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Building Automation

JLINX Electronics offers customisable building automation services that are suitable for any building. From households to office parks, malls and bigger. We integrate various elements such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, curtain and blind control, shading, energy-saving, door and pump control and many more.

JLINX Building Automation provides adaptable frameworks that can incorporate the above. For example, many buildings today are brightly illuminated since light levels are set higher than suitable for space, or spaces are lit notwithstanding whether it is abandoned. This wastes energy, creating undesirable expenses, and reduces effectiveness. We can make your building work harder for you by including elegant, energy productive light control. These solutions can be designed, installed and shaped to meet the changing needs of your building.

JLINX offers reputable electrical and electronic technical services.
Allow us to assist you with your electrical and electronic design requirements.


Tel: 021 862 1066
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